We provide free:

On the art side, Aadam will help set up an open art community by writing tutorials and videos for producing freely redistributable artwork using purely open source software. He will also work on providing game servers for open source video games. He plans to charge monthly subscriptions for video game servers.

All software must be fully open source and have a tight focus on open standards, open source, and free sharing of information.

Now, how to earn money. The first is to charge for paid VPS plans:

Taiwan Datacenter

$4/month $8/month $16/month
1 IPv4 Address 1 IPv4 Address 1 IPv4 Address
IPv6 /64 subnet IPv6 /64 subnet IPv6 /64 subnet
100Mbps sustained 20Mbps sustained 40Mbps sustained
100Mbps burst 100Mbps burst 100Mbps burst

Each additional IPv4 address costs $2/month. Additional 100GB of HDD costs $1/month.

All plans include free backups, live IRC and email support, community wikis/videos, and mentorship.

At first we support OpenBSD, but we should aim to support FreeBSD, NetBSD, Gentoo, Slackware, and Arch. We will provide other linux images but our target market does not include Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS/Red Hat.

These are unmanaged plans. We can charge additional fees for a managed service.

Other data centers we are interested in: Portugal, Israel, China, Japan, Pakistan, India, USA, Canada, Greece, Australia

Secondly, we can charge money for upgrades to storage accounts. We will charge $1/month for each additional 10GB of data. We can also resell domain names at a 20% premium.

In additional to unlimited internet calls, we can provide phone calls to the telephone network and charge an additional 20% premium. So if a phone call costs 1 cent per minute to the USA, we charge 1.2 cents; if it costs 10 cents per minute to call a cell, we charge 12 cents per minute.