The fastest way to connect is to type this command:

/server -ssl 31337 username/network:password

Replace username with your username, network with your network, and password with your password. For example:

/server -ssl 31337 johnbrown/ircnow:abcde12345

This connects username johnbrown to the network ircnow with the password abcde12345.

To setup your bouncer on hexchat first you need to run hexchat

Once you run hexchat it will open with network list automatically

Next follow the following instructions to setup your bouncer:

1. Click “add” button. It will create a new network for you

2. Clicking on new network and you can rename it to a name of your choice

3. Now click “Edit” button while new network is selected

4. Next you need to set some settings.

On top set server and port to, or whatever your server is, use 31337 for ssl port then hit enter

Check “Use SSL for all the servers on this network”

Type your username in the format username/networkName

Enter your password and hit enter or click “close”

Remember to use instead of what is in the screenshot above.

That is all you are done setting up your bouncer!