How to Setup ZNC on Irc4android App


Here's quick guide on how to connect ZNC using irc4android

Step 1:

Open irc4android app and click on “New Server” at the bottom.

Step 2:

  1. The Server is the hostname from the credentials (e.g
  2. You can set the Desc whatever name you want (e.g ircnow) - The Port is the port from the credentials (e.g 31337) - The Pass is the Server Password (Username/Network:Password | Siva/ircnow:password)
  3. Make sure you checked on SSL
  4. You can set your preferred Nick (e.g Siva)
  5. The User is your ident, which is mostly username from your credentials, you can change it using ZNC web panel.
  6. Ignore the rest, scroll down and Save.

That's it, now back to app's homescreen and click on the new server you made to connect on that server.

Download irc4android (paid)

Siva 2019/11/13 09:59