How to Setup ZNC using IRCCloud App


We are about to see how to setup ZNC on IRCCloud app, but you can use the same way to Setup ZNC on IRCCloud Webchat on their site.

Now, unlike other apps, IRCCloud wants you to register your email to use their services, and also there are some premium features that only works with a paid account.

Step 1:

Register Your E-mail address with IRCCloud and Login

Step 2:

After login, it directs to Settings page, where you can setup your ZNC account as below:

  1. Hostname is the Host from your credentials (e.g :
  2. Port is the Port from your credentials (e.g: 31337)
  3. Under Your Identity you fill your preferred Nickname for the network and your preferred Real Name
  4. Under Advanced Options there's Nickserv Password where you can provide your Nick's Password for the Network (This feature is free for all) || And there's Server Password where you can provide your Server Password as (Username/Network:Password) NOTE: This is a Premium Feature (Only for Paid Users)

Cheers, once all set, click on ✔Done at the top right corner.

Now you can connect by clicking on the Network shown.

That's all. Happy Irc'ing :D

Siva 2019/11/15 16:16