How to setup and connect ZNC using Revolution IRC


Here we see about setting up ZNC on Revolution IRC app

Step 1:

Open Revolution IRC App

Step 2:

Click on the + mark on the bottom right screen

Step 3:

  1. You can set the Name to whatever you want. (e.g: Ircnow)
  2. The Server Address is the host name from the credentials (e.g:
  3. The Port is the port from credentials (e.g: 31337)
  4. Make sure that SSL/TLS is checked.
  5. Enter your Server Password (e.g: Username/Network:Password | Siva/Ircnow:Password)
  6. You can set your preferred Nickname (e.g Siva)
  7. That's all, ignore the rest and click the mark on top right corner.

Step 4:

After click on ✔ mark, it'll back to homescreen and shows the network you added (inactive).

Just Click once on the Network (e.g: Ircnow) and it connects automatically.

That's all. You can join channels using /Join #Channel_Name (e.g /join #ircnow)

Download the app : Revolution IRC
(Note : The App is in early access, is not finished yet and may be missing some features).

Siva 2019/11/08 16:32