To setup bouncer on Thunderbird first click on the Thunderbird menu button

then click on “New”

afterwards click on “chat account”

choose “irc” option

enter your nick and server e.g or or whatever your server is In this tutorial we are using bnc1. **You should set it to as opposed to

enter your nickserv password

next make sure your port is set to 31337 and “ssl” is checked

once done click on Thunderbird menu again and from there click on “options”

next click on “options” again

in the search bar type your username/nick that you had set previously

from here we find our account number which is 6 in our case

next right click on empty area and click “New” and then “String”

type messenger.account.accountN.options.serverPassword in the field, N is the number of account. In our case it was 6

press ok and then enter your bouncer's username and password in the format username/password

That's all you are done!