Free $5/month $10/month $20/month
3 active worlds 10 active worlds 20 active worlds 100 active worlds
30 active users 100 active users 200 active users 1000 active users
IRC channel IRC channel IRC network IRC network
Mumble room Mumble room Mumble network Mumble network
Discord room Discord room Discord server Discord server
SIP accounts SIP accounts SIP server SIP server
Subdomain Subdomain Custom domain Custom domain

All plans include:

  • Fast tech support
  • Free bots, bridges, and relays
  • Custom build worlds and mods
  • Upload custom games/mods
  • Backup/restore
  • Webhosting

You can additional domains from us for $20/yr.

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Game to add in future: FlightGear, SuperTuxCart, TeeWorlds, Hedgewars, BZFlag, Rigs of Rods, Neverball