To import a project into got:

$ doas pkg_add got
$ got init reponame
$ got import -m "Initial import" -r repo-path files/

To set up gotweb:

$ doas pkg_add gotweb

Inside /etc/httpd.conf:

types { include "/usr/share/misc/mime.types" }
server "" {
    listen on * port 80
    root "/htdocs/gotweb"
    location "/cgi-bin/*" {
        root "/"
    location "/*" {
        directory index "index.html"

Inside /var/www/etc/gotweb.conf

got_repos_path                  "/got/public"
got_max_commits_display         50
got_site_name                   "IRCNow Software"
got_site_owner                  "IRCNow"
got_site_link                   "repos"
got_logo                        "got.png"
got_logo_url                    ""

Remember to fix this permission bug!

$ doas chown www:daemon /var/www/got/tmp

Otherwise, you will see this cryptic error message: got_opentempfd: Permission denied

$ doas rcctl enable httpd slowcgi
$ doas rcctl start httpd slowcgi