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   * Mysqli   * Mysqli
-I am also running my own irc: +I am also running my own irc:  
-**address**:​  +  ​* ​**address**:​  
-**port**: +6697  +  ​* ​**port**: +6697  
-**ssl enabled**: yes  +  ​* ​**ssl enabled**: yes  
-**channel**:​ #​miniontoby +  ​* ​**channel**:​ #miniontoby  
-**Direct link**: [[https://​​nextclient/#​irc://​​+6697/#​miniontoby|Kiwiirc]]+  ​* ​**Direct link**: [[https://​​nextclient/#​irc://​​+6697/#​miniontoby|Kiwiirc ​connect]]
 **Other things I work on**: **Other things I work on**: