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Install 9front in OpenBSD VMM

This guide explains how to install 9front as a virtual machine inside OpenBSD's vmm.

  1. Install

This installation assumes you have configured vmm properly.

Download the 9front ISO:

  1. ftp https://9front.org/iso/9front-10522.amd64.iso.gz
  2. mv 9front-10522.amd64.iso.gz /home/iso/
  3. cd /home/iso
  4. sha256 9front-10522.amd64.iso.gz

SHA256 (9front-10522.amd64.iso.gz) = 89f1e35bf735bfc9aeca38286a9a6607f3a40292befa4a30133157790f2edbcc 89f1e35bf735bfc9aeca38286a9a6607f3a40292befa4a30133157790f2edbcc 9front-10522.amd64.iso.gz $ gunzip 9front-10522.amd64.iso.gz $ doas chown -R iso:iso /home/iso/

In /etc/vm.conf, allow the user to choose his own ISO:

vm "$USER" {
    owner $USER
    memory 2048M
    cdrom "/home/$USER/$USER.iso"
    disk /home/$USER/$USER.qcow2 
    interface {
        locked lladdr aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
        switch "switch0"

Create the user account using vpsnow.

Instructions on how to install the 9front virtual machine are available at cloud9p.