How to connect ZNC using AndroIRC


Following below steps helps you to connect ZNC using AndroIRC

Step 1:

Open AndroIRC app

Step 2:

Click on the Settings icon and select Settings

Step 3:

Select Servers → Settings → New Server

Here we'll fill out the connection and authentication settings with our ZNC credentials

Step 4:

  1. You Can Set the Name to whatever you want (e.g: Ircnow)
  2. The Address is the host name from the credentials (e.g:
  3. The Port is the port from credentials (e.g: 31337)
  4. The Password is the server password (e.g: Username/Network:Password | Siva/Ircnow:Password)
  5. You can set your preferred Nickname (e.g Siva)
  6. You can set your Alternative Nickname or Leave it blank (e.g: Siva-)
  7. Ident is usually Username from credentials, you can change them in your ZNC web panel
  8. Make sure that Secured Connection is Checked
  9. Ignore the rest and select Back Icon

Step 5:

Click on the + sign to add your server and select the server from the list (e.g: Ircnow)

Voila, that's it. You'll automatically connected to the server and you can join channels from here using /J #Channel name or /Join #Channel name. Hope the tutorial helps you to connect ZNC using AndroIRC without hassles.

You can download:


AndroIRC Premium (Paid Version)

Siva 2019/11/08 04:31