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Android version 7.1.2, strongSwan VPN client 2.2.0:

1. Install strongSwan VPN client from the Google Play Store or from our site.

2. Download the certificate file from CA.crt

3. Run strongSwan

4. Tap on the 3 vertical dots

5. From menu options tap on the option “CA Certificates”

6. Tap on the three vertical dots again

7. From options choose “Import Certificate”

8. Select the “ca.crt” file that you had downloaded in step 2

9. Go back to the first page of strongSwan and tap “ADD VPN Profile”

10. Fill out the fields and set the settings


Username and Password: with whatever your username and password is

CA Certificate: Uncheck “Select Automatically” and tap on “Select CA certificate” then go to “IMPORTED” and tap on “IRCNOW” the imported certificate.

That's it, You are done configuring your VPN for android. Tap your newly created profile from first page to connect!

For legacy users, the old cert is here: CA.crt