Introduction Playing GTA or any proprietary game is for fun and it is true we don't have opensource games like that. Companies spend a lot money hiring professionals to make sure end user gets the best experience possible.

On the other side opensource softwares can have a lot of bugs as nobody is paying them to do it. Nobody is going to ask them at the end of the month why didn't they do their job properly. Opensource is more like a hobby thing which people do in their free times. It can be novice people who have no experience and they have just started working on projects or they can be professionals who after doing their daily jobs spend time working on opensource.

But wait ircnow is different! it's a project people are not doing as hobby or part time. But it's a platform where professional and new players like myself are putting their time on. Ircnow will grow and go at par with big corps one day. Inshallah!

Why one should use and prefer opensource over proprietary?

As I said before opensource softwares can have a lot bugs while the proprietary ones for the same purpose can be bug free. It is about how much time is given to a project. In proprietary they spend days and nights to make sure their end product is bug free. But in opensource it takes time. Opensource highly depends on donations often but actually many a times opensource projects make a lot of money doing these projects too.

To come to the point why do we need to use opensource. As we know proprietary companies make their products with the sole purpose to make profits out of them. They keep their code secret because they don't want others to use their code and benefit out of it just like they are doing. It gets selfish yes. Not sharing your work with other people. Having a mindset of racing with other people and getting to higher levels while keeping others at lower level. Something we read about Illuminati pyramid system. Anyways, if you use and support opensource then you serve humanity so all people can benefit from your work you put effort into all your life. So after you are gone it is sadqah for you to earning good deeds. Personal Reasons

A yahoo employee who had access to yahoo user's databases logged into their accounts and watched their personal information including their private pictures of their families.

I could be sharing such things over whatsapp, gmail, facebook and information can be sensitive like my bank account, my girlfriend's pictures, my plannings on doing activism etc.

Once a neighbor of mine had a lot of money to deposit in his bank. He just put all money in a bag went out in car to deposit in his bank and all of a sudden robbers on road showed up and the first thing they asked was give to us your money bag!