Learn UNIX with friends and bring the fun back into computing! We are now offering free OpenBSD shell accounts. Here's what we provide for free with each account:

  • 1GB HDD (read Disk quotas)
  • 32MB RAM
  • Shared DDoS filtered IPv4 address
  • up to 20 processes
  • 100Mbps shared connection
  • Web hosting with PHP
  • Free SSL certificate

…and many applications.

Here's a sample of what you can do with the account:

  • Run a command-line IRC client (only 1 per IRC network)
  • Host your homepage with a custom domain name you already own
  • Check your email
  • Instant message friends on other networks using Bitlbee
  • Surf the web using lynx
  • Edit images using ImageMagick

Here are basic rules for all accounts:

  • No porn
  • No illegal drugs
  • No promotion of violence
  • No slander or libel
  • No gambling
  • No spam, illegal cracking, or DDoS
  • Follow copyright laws
  • Only one account per person
  • Do not share accounts or passwords

IRCNow is a Christian company. So, the shell accounts are not primarily for publishing religious or political content; this content may be subject to moderation. See our terms of service and privacy policy.

Note: IRCNow cannot provide any warranties. If you sign up to this account, you agree not to hold IRCNow responsible for any data loss, damages, or downtime from using our service.

Technical restrictions:

  • Only one connection per IRC network
  • No malicious bots allowed
  • Running tor is not allowed
  • Torrents are not allowed
  • Cryptocurrency mining is not allowed
  • No port scanning without permission

To get an account, join our community at and ask for an account. We currently have an interview process to make sure accounts are not abused.

SSH fingerprints:

256 SHA256:mGpvXOEbMT/FFKusyMiYoAy9aTXdulByeeewxLT/9YE (ECDSA)
1024 SHA256:ZUyvmIvS4PTTgMHUTgLTygRIZRhvuGq1AV9KeQhQw8w (DSA)
256 SHA256:dDVPjfDfSMP0BTTyZ84o5OhLXtmwPhp8GWDIpWC4rvU (ED25519)
3072 SHA256:cLMVQu0Q8PiX7Hv92ocmm5pOHxfYvyn33hCxkN0MFRk (RSA)